Importance Of Rapid Water Damage Restoration

If your home or place of business is struck by a storm, this could result in a substantial amount of water damage. Additionally, the water damage restoration process generally takes a lot of time and effort. When it comes to the restoration process, the most vital and time-consuming stage is drying out the property.

A reputable and well-established company will deliver professional drying and dehumidification amenities to efficiently and effectively dry out the property. Find a company that has a remarkable reputation and work crews that are highly trained, professional and experienced.

Structural Drying

A reputable company is equipped with all the tools and expertise needed to effectively complete the job. Therefore, if you are faced with flooded wall cavities, under cabinet condensation, soaked ceilings or drying out any type of material around the building, it will be handled on your behalf. Every building has various surfaces and materials. As such, the absorption rate varies, which impacts the speed at which water will be absorbed and released through the drying chambers. Once there is water inside a structure, it can only be removed through mechanical means.

Water damage restoration companies typically use a blend of air filtration, air movement, heat, and dehumidifiers to establish an effective drying system. Completely removing the water includes a balanced process with 3 essential steps. They are:

• Extracting the Water

This basically involves removing water while it is in a liquid state, which is the ideal stage for water extraction. Initially, the water extraction equipment is costly; however, when it comes to standing water, it provides the best outcomes for swift structural drying

During this phase of recovery, flood pumps are typically used. These pumps are designed exclusively for the water damage restoration industry. The lightweight flood pumps can be easily maneuvered and maintained. They can also remove roughly 10 gallons a minute.


After the maximum volume of water is extracted, air flow machines are used to evaporate the water. Airflow is vital to boosting the evaporation rate.

• Dehumidification

After the majority of the water has been extracted, dehumidification is used to remove any water and moisture that remains. Desiccant dehumidification is usually used to control and lower the levels of humidity for the property and its contents. This is because the technique has been proven to be swift and efficient. Trapped moisture will be removed when a high volume of tremendously dry air is injected into the building envelope.

Dehumidifiers are essentially used to prevent secondary damage and counterbalance the moisture in the air throughout the evaporation procedure. Without it, the moisture generated would be absorbed into other materials. This would cause the drying process to be delayed and mold to grow.

A combination of equipment is used to increase the evaporation rate and get the property back to normal faster. Furthermore, specialized drying units are used to dry wood floors and restore them to their original condition; however, this will depend on the amount of damage. This technique could remove the need to sand and refinish the floors.

Damage to a residential or commercial property can be traumatic and immediate attention is required. As such, water damage restoration companies respond 24 hours a day to secure buildings and make sure the contents are kept safe. The main objective is to offer the best protection possible and to alleviate any concern regarding additional damage.

Additional Details on the Drying and Dehumidification Processes

When it comes to the structural drying system, the dehumidifier is its hub. Precise dehumidification requires using the Psychrometrics principles to effectively and efficiently dry out the property. This will prevent future issues with dangers like mold and mildew. The most finely-tuned and advanced equipment is used in this process. Refrigerant dehumidifiers are the most widely used in the industry.

The relative humidity is typically about 50 percent in occupied premises. After water damage, there could be a significant rise in the relative humidity as the water vaporizes. If the property is at or lower than the dry standard guidelines of the IICRC, a reputable company will use specialized moisture-detection meters to display this information to property owners. The equipment will remain on the property until the dry standard has been attained.

Facts And Statistics About Water Damage Restoration

Over 35% of American homeowners have experienced losses because of water damage. In 2003, freezing pipes and water damage made up over 20% of all insurance claims. Individual water damage can cost over $4,000.

Water Damage Restoration Costs

The average cost of water damage restoration is $2,700. However, it can be over $7,000. It all depends on the severity of the water damage. With an insurance cover, you will pay less out of pocket costs.

Drying your property from a clean water leak will cost you less than $3,000. If there is further damage and you need to repair damages, replace things like carpets, and restore your house, you will need to incur an extra $4,000.

When Will You Need Water Damage Restoration?

1. After a flash flood

A flash flood can bring walls of water up to 15 feet high. There is a one in four chances that a flash flood will damage your home. If your home is in a high-risk flood area, you are more likely to suffer from water damage than fire damage. After the flash flood, you require water damage restoration to prevent further damage.

2. After a Burst/Leaking/Cracked Pipe

A 1/8-inch crack in a pipe can release over 200 gallons of water in a day. This is enough water to flood your house. If the water is exposed to damp wood, that will be the perfect condition for the growth of toxic mold. Thus, water damage restoration will come in handy.

A leaking or burst pipe is inconvenient. If the pipe is inside the house, it can lead to a slippery floor that can cause falls. Water from the leaking pipe can get into contact with drywall and carpeting and cause further damage.

3. After noticing mold

Moisture can trap beneath floors and carpets. Mold will begin growing in 24-48 hours in an untreated moist environment. Mold is dangerous for health. Immediate water damage restoration will stop the moisture and the mold facilitating a healthy house environment.

4. After a burst Sewer

This is a serious case of water damage. There is a risk of infection. Thus, there should be urgent water damage restoration.

5. After noticing a failing water heater

A failing water heater is an indication that you require water damage restoration. If there is a puddle of water underneath the heater, that indicates a slow leak. If you do not carry out water damage restoration, you risk flooding your home because a water heater is under a great deal of water pressure.

6. After a fire

Water damage can occur after a fire. The cause for that can be the extensive use of the fire hose resulting in flooding. The extensive heat of a fire can burst pipes in a building. Falling debris after a fire emergency can break pipes and cause water damage. Thus, there might be the need for water damage restoration after a fire.

What Does What Damage Restoration Involve

• Removing water

• Removing sewer

• Removing mold

• Replacing destroyed items

Water Damage Restoration: DIY Water Removal

If the water damage is not extensive, you can opt for DIY water removal. This will involve some steps.

1. Unplug Everything

Before you begin removing water, you should unplug everything. This will prevent the risk of electric shock.

2. Use Dry/Wet Vacuum

Secondly, you need to soak as much water as possible using a dry/wet vacuum. You should run the vacuum over your walls and floors.

3. Steam Carpets

You will need to steam your water-damaged carpets. This will remove moisture and clean your carpet. If your carpet has serious water damage, you will need to involve a professional steaming service.

4. Disinfect

Water damage can cause a buildup of bacteria on carpeting, floors, and walls. You should buy a disinfectant and use it to disinfect these areas.

Water Damage Restoration Depends on Category

The category of water damage will determine the most suitable restoration measure.

• Category 1

This is clean water. It does not pose a substantial threat to humans. It can be an appliance malfunction, sink overflow or a broken water supply line.

• Category 2

This is grey water. It has a significant degree of physical, biological or chemical contaminants. These can cause sickness and discomfort because of microorganisms.

• Category 3

This is black water. It contains harmful bacteria and fungi. For the case of black water, there must be professional water damage restoration.

The Bottom-Line

Early detection of water damage will save you losses and make you eligible for an insurance claim. Your insurer can refuse to compensate you if it took more than 24 hours to detect water damage.

Kauai Water Damage Restoration

Water damages are one of the prime concerns for the residents of Kauai. This area is often flooded with rainwater and severe weather due to which water floods into the residence, damaging the flooring and other household items. If the water problem is not solved immediately the water seeps into the foundations of the houses and may result in cracks and mold in the house.

The storms, flooding, and other water crises can happen at any time. You must plan and be ready to deal with the water damages that will damage your house, family and your livelihood. In case of such a situation, you should not wait and get in touch with the local Kauai Water Damage Restoration services in your area to give you immediate solutions for water damage restoration.

The professional water restoration services in Kauai holds the services of licensed and experienced contractors who have years of experience in dealing with water crisis situations. These teams are available on a call 24 hours a day to immediately send their team of technicians and repairman to handle the water crisis problem and work on immediate water damage restoration to prevent the water damage to escalate at your place and become a bigger problem for you to manage.

The Kauai water damage restoration team is equipped with all the types of equipment needed to extract the water out of the location or to look out for ways to fix the water faults. Regardless of the problem, a water leak is a dangerous issue that needs to be taken care of right from the start. Whether there are minor repair issues such as a burst pipe, or leakages in the drain or there is severe crisis such as a hurricane or storm, you need to contact the Kauai water restoration services to have all your repair and restoration options covered.

Do not be overwhelmed by the crisis and try to face the situation alone. Water restoration is a complete process that takes into account a safe and secure process to eliminate the flooded water and fix the leaks and breakages. These matters are best left for the technicians who have the experience and equipment to help with the issue straight away. If you try to do the restoration yourself high chances are that you will not be able to handle it and the crisis will get severe with passing time.

Unfortunately, at Kauai, water damage is a harsh reality due to heavy rain and storms. Thousands of homes face the threat of water flooding and end up paying up huge repair bills that can quickly turn into a huge menace. Water damage is cumulative and it adds up to other faults and leaks and if a quick action is not taken you are looking at huge repair costs and time investment to restore the water damage. When you hire the Kauai water damage restoration, the team comes in with the aim to first minimize the impact of water damage and then present you the course of actions to deal with the restoration.

However, if you rely on expert services you will be able to deal with this problem. Whether water is flooding in your house, your roof is leaking, or your basement is at risk of a water flood, the professionals are there to give you immediate relief and bring down your repair bills considerably. Under no circumstances, you should ignore or delay a water flood situation. If your home continues to absorb flood water, you are looking at huge damages later that will give you a huge financial hit.

Kauai water damage restoration works with several insurance companies and can work out a plan that comes within your home insurance parameters so you do not have to incur any cost. Look out for immediate quotations for the services and book the service without waiting for an extra day.

Seek professional help before it becomes a nightmare situation for you to handle. Often small leaks are not given much importance but soon these leaks will grow in size and may even damage the structure of the house. You will need the team of experts to look at the extent of water damage and offer you the best solutions.

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